Toluca Legs Turkey Co. (Hollywood Studios, Sunset Boulevard, Dining)

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Toluca Legs Turkey Co.

Sunset Boulevard



This restaurant closed permanently on August 6, 2016


Toluca Legs Turkey Co. is located on Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios next to Anaheim Produce.  Toluca Legs Turkey Co. is a quick service kiosk restaurant that features the famous Disney turkey leg as well as a hot dog meal.  If you have not had the pleasure of trying a Disney turkey leg, put it on your to do list!

Hours: 10:30 am – depends on park hours

Is Tables in Wonderland accepted at Toluca Legs Turkey Co.? – NO

Is the Walt Disney World Annual Pass discount available? – NO


Toluca Legs Turkey Co. Photo Gallery


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Toluca Legs Turkey Co. Menu (7/15/16)

*prices and menu subject to change at any time. If you notice anything incorrect please contact us


Turkey Leg with Chips      $12.99

Turkey Leg
with Baked Beans and Corn      $13.99


Assorted Fountain Beverages – Regular       $3.29

Assorted Fountain Beverages – Large      $3.69

Dasani® Bottled Water       $3.00

smartwater®        $4.50

Budweiser       $6.75

Bud Light      $6.75


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