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If you have a passion and joy for something why not pursue it in unique ways?  These are words we like to live by every day,  passion drives.  The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong goal of everyone and there are two things that make us happy, our family and Disney.  Our names are T.J. and Katy and we live in the Northeast part of the U.S. with our two amazing kids.  We always wanted to find a way of sharing our passion and joy for Disney and so WDWKingdom.com was born.  

WDWKingdom.com started as a simple idea in 2015 to build a small platform to share all things Disney.  Now, I know there are a LOT of Disney inspired websites out there with a lot of amazing content so what makes this one different?  I have to say in many ways we are all the same.  We try to provide current news and trends that we see and hear to report so the casual to expert Disney fan can stay up to date.  This isn’t unique in its self.  HOW we wanted to go about providing the information is the unique part.  We wanted to build our content through the eyes of YOU, the Disney fan.  What does this mean?  It means that we want articles, tips, photos, reviews and so much more from YOU.  We want you to contribute.  We want others that share our passion of all things Disney to share their love for this amazing brand, sort of a Disney love content share platform.  To find out how you can become a contributing author click here!  

If you want to be a contributor and share your knowledge and passion for all things Disney please reach out to us.  We would love to chat with you and help you share your passion with all our readers.  If you just want to chat Disney, please head over to our forum and join the hundreds of Disney fans already sharing their thoughts.  

We will be adding to this website daily so please come back all the time for fresh content!


T.J. and Katy

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