Anaheim Produce Menu and Information (Hollywood Studios, Sunset Boulevard, Dining)

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Anaheim Produce Menu and Information

Sunset Boulevard




Anaheim Produce is located on Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios next to Catalina Eddie’s at Sunset Ranch Market.  Anaheim Produce is a covered quick service kiosk that serves up fresh fruits, hummus, trail mix, Ocean Spray products, Mickey pretzels and a variety of beverages.  

Hours: 10:30 am – depends on park hours

Is Tables in Wonderland accepted at Anaheim Produce? – NO

Is the Walt Disney World Annual Pass discount available? – NO

Is Mobile Ordering available at Anaheim Produce? – NO


Anaheim Produce Photo Gallery

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Anaheim Produce Menu (2/19/19)

*prices and menu subject to change at any time. If you notice anything incorrect please contact us

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