Mission: SPACE (Epcot, Future World East)

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Mission: SPACE (FP+)

Future World – East




If you are looking to become a future astronaut or have ever dreamed of flying to Mars, Mission: SPACE located in Future World – East in Epcot may be the attraction for you.  After some pre-show preparations you prepare to enter the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle by being assigned an on-board role.  You will either be the navigator, pilot, engineer or commander, each having a little different role during the attraction.  We won’t spoil it for you but the mission includes many unexpected twists and turns as you navigate your way to Mars.  The attraction is extremely realistic and it may make you believe that you are really on this adventure.  There are two separate lines for this attraction, Orange and Green.  The Orange side is the original, more intense version of the attraction.  The Orange side includes the illusion of lift off and acceleration with the use of a centrifuge.  This centrifuge produces over 2 times the force of gravity that we feel on earth (2.5 g’s) which does give you that amazing feeling of acceleration BUT it can cause nausea for people that are susceptible to it.  To the point that Disney had to put motion sickness bags inside the ride vehicle as well as develop a less intense version of the ride.  The Green side does everything that the Orange side does except for the spinning aspect.  It does not give you that same feeling of acceleration but it will allow you to enjoy the attraction and the rest of your day without getting ill.  There are plenty of warning signs outside and inside the queue to remind you of this.  After you return to earth you are let out into the Advanced Training Lab.  The ATL is a fun interactive area continuing the space travel theme.  Mission: SPACE officially opened October 1, 2003 with the Green side added in 2006.  FastPass+ is available for Mission: SPACE Orange and Green.  Typically, the lines for Mission: SPACE Orange are almost double the wait for Mission: SPACE Green so FastPass+ is typically only needed for the Orange side.

Mission: SPACE has a minimum height requirement to ride – 44″


Mission: SPACE Photo Gallery

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