Advanced Training Lab (Epcot, Future World East)

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Advanced Training Lab

Future World – East




The Advanced Training Lab is an interactive area that is located at the exit of Mission: SPACE in the Future World – East area of Epcot.  Whether you are just finishing up your journey to Mars on Mission: Space or you just want to experience the fun of the Advanced Training Lab, this adventurous area is a “blast”.  This interactive area includes for experiences, Postcards from Space, Space Base, Mission: SPACE Race and Expedition Mars.  Postcards from Space is a computer kiosk where you can send fun space themed video postcards to anyone via email.  Space Base is a fun space inspired play area for kids.  Mission: SPACE Race is an exciting video game where you see who can send their rocket from Mars to Earth first while playing against up to 56 other people.  Expedition Mars is another fun interactive game where you are sent to Mars to find your 4 fellow astronauts but you only have 4 minutes to do so.  Overall, the Advanced Training Lab is a fun area especially for anyone that is interested in space and space exploration.


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