2019 D23 Expo Announcements Will Include More Epcot Transformation Information

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The 2019 D23 Expo is just around the corner!  The biennial fan celebration of all things Disney kicks off at the Anaheim Convention Center August 23-25.  Disney announced today that among all of the Parks and Resorts announcements we will be learning more about the transformation of Epcot. 

Epcot’s overhaul is no secret.  We already know about the Guardian’s of Galaxy Coaster and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in the France Pavilion.  Both of these E-Ticket attractions are well on their way to completion.  We also know about the details in regards to the complete reimagination of Epcot’s entrance.  So what else is happening at Walt Disney World’s second theme park?  It sounds like we will be fining out more at this year’s D23 Expo.

The park’s core reimagined: You’ve already heard about the transformation taking place just inside the park’s entrance, where we will be enhancing the area with lush green spaces and classic touches. At the Expo, we’ll share more about what’s coming to the core of the park on the opposite side of Spaceship Earth. New areas will be flanking the iconic attraction, and we can’t wait to share the details with you.

Epcot icons

A new – but classic – look to match our offerings: Longtime fans of Epcot are familiar with the pavilion icons, like the ones you see here for Imagination!, The Land and The Seas with Nemo & Friends. With new experiences like the previously announced play-themed pavilion joining these Epcot staples, don’t you think we need some new icons to match? More will be revealed at the Expo!

More about what makes Epcot, Epcot – Epcot is special for a lot of reasons – as one of Walt’s final projects, as an exclusive part of the Walt Disney World Resort, and as home to millions of memories from generations of guests. As we charge ahead with the park’s evolution, the architects of Epcot’s future are working to preserve all the elements that make this park so special while also evolving it to be more Disney, more family, more relevant and more timeless. At the Expo, you’ll hear more about experiences that are uniquely Epcot – for example, the updated films coming to Future World and World Showcase, as well as new dining experiences being added to the menu of ‘the foodie park.’  -Disney Parks Blog

What do you think will be announced?  We want to know your thoughts.  Are you excited for all of the changed at Epcot or would you like to see the park remain in its classic state?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Disney Forums!

Source/Photos:  Disney Parks Blog

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