2017 Walt Disney World’s Epcot Top 3 UNDERRATED Rides, Attractions and Shows



Today we are hoping aboard the express monorail from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot to check out our Top 3 UNDERRATED Rides, Attractions and Shows at Walt Disney World’s second theme park.  This is a continuation of our series of Top 3 in Walt Disney World and we hope you follow along. 

We all know Test Track, Spaceship Earth and Soarin’ are can’t miss, popular attractions but what are the most underrated at Epcot?  Here is a look at our Top 3 UNDERRATED Rides, Attractions and Shows for 2017.  Don’t forget to check out our Magic Kingdom Top 3!



  1. Turtle Talk with Crush

Turtle Talk with Crush is located inside The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion in the Future World – West area of Epcot. Debuting on November 16, 2004, Turtle Talk with Crush is a fun, interactive experience in which guests in the audience have real conversations with the star turtle of Finding Nemo. After you enter the theatre a Finding Nemo themed movie begins but is soon taken over Crush, the 147 year old turtle dude. The technology is amazing and you will really feel as if you are talking to Crush. A really fun attraction for all ages!

2. Servuer Amusant

Servuer Amusant is a talented group of French acrobats that perform amazing feats of balance.  Your heart will flutter as you watch with wide eyes as the “waiter” climbs up wooden chairs high above you and performs for the crown.  This amazing 20 minute show is located outside of Chefs de France in the France Pavilion area of the World Showcase.  

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3.  Voices of Liberty

Voices of Liberty is a 5 person a cappella group that perform beautiful patriotic songs. You can typically find them inside the rotunda of The American Adventure building prior to the next showing of The American Adventure show. Voices of Liberty can also be found performing on the American Gardens Theatre stage on specific days. Their 15 minute shows are absolutely beautiful and should not be missed.

What do you think of our top 3 underrated rides, attractions and shows at Walt Disney World’s Epcot? Do you agree or disagree.  Let us know your top 3.  Talk about it in our forums!

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