Spaceship Earth (Epcot, Future World East)

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Spaceship Earth (FP+)

Future World – East




Located inside the 18 story geodesic sphere that is Epcot’s icon, Spaceship Earth is an attraction that takes you through history and time.  You will experience this 15 minute journey in your very own time machine at it takes you from prehistoric time to your future.  Along the way you will be there to witness the fall of Rome, the invention of the printing press, the advent of computers and more stops through time.  The attraction concludes with you taking the control of your future as you answer a few questions about your self on the touch screen inside the ride vehicle.  After you answer the questions a fun animated story is shown based on your answers.  This attraction is both educational and entertaining.  After the attraction ends you end up in a room with fun games and interactive areas to explore.  Spaceship Earth opened on October 1, 1982 and is located right near the entrance of the Epcot.  FastPass+ is available for Spaceship Earth but not necessarily needed as stand by lines typically do not exceed 30 minutes.  


Touring Tips


• Typically the standby line for Spaceship Earth decreases later in the day as people work their way into the park.    



Spaceship Earth Photo Gallery

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