Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland)

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Space Mountain (FP+)





Even though Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom doesn’t have an over abundance of so called thrill rides, the ones they do have are pretty amazing.  Space Mountain opened on January 15, 1975 and has been thrilling riders ever since.  From the second you walk down the long queue you really get the feeling you are in space, or at least in something related to space.  As you get closer to the front of the queue line and enter the Space Port you start to hear screams from guests already on their journey into Space Mountain.  It really does get the excitement going.  The actual ride vehicles seat 6 people in single file so you won’t be able to sit next to anyone as you begin your dark journey into space.  The entire ride lasts about 2 and a half minutes and reaches a top speed of 28 MPH but you feel you are going much faster because the entire ride is in the dark.  What adds to the thrill of Space Mountain is the fact that you have no idea where you are going.  You may think you are going to turn right and you turn left, you may think you are going up and you drop down.  Space Mountain features two tracks, Alpha (left side) and Omega (right side) but both have nearly identical tracks.  One ride on Space Mountain and you will be wanting more!  FastPass+ is available for Space Mountain and we do recommend it as stand by lines can get long especially during busy seasons.

Space Mountain has a minimum height requirement to ride – 44″


Touring Tips


• We advise using FastPass+ for Space Mountain especially during busier seasons or ride at park opening.


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