Joy of Tea (Epcot, China, World Showcase, Dining)

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Joy of Tea (China)

World Showcase




The Joy of Tea is located in the China Pavilion area of Epcot’s World Showcase next to the World Showcase Lagoon.  The Joy of Tea is a small quick service kiosk that specializes in a variety of teas as well as a selection of snacks.  Try the strawberry oolong tea slush and you can thank us later!

Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Is Tables in Wonderland accepted at Joy of Tea? – NO

Is the Walt Disney World Annual Pass discount available? – NO


Joy of Tea China Pavilion Photo Gallery


new and best wdwkingdom menu


Joy of Tea Menu (7/15/16)

*prices and menu subject to change at any time. If you notice anything incorrect please contact us




Chinese BBQ Pork Buns       $4.50

Curry Chicken Pockets      $3.99

Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls      $3.99

Lucky Combo
Combination of a Pork Bun, a Chicken Pocket, and an Egg Roll with your choice of a Soft Drink and an Ice Cream      $9.98



Strawberry Red Bean Ice Cream      $3.25

Caramel Ginger Ice Cream      $3.25



Strawberry Oolong Tea Slush      $4.65

Mango Green Tea Slush      $4.65

Peach Oolong Iced Tea      $4.25

Mango Green Iced Tea      $4.25

Ginseng Oolong Tea      $3.19

Jasmine Tea      $3.19

Dragon Well Tea      $3.19

Green Tea      $3.19

Assorted Bottled Beverages      $1.59

Dasani® Bottled Water      $2.75

Alcoholic Drinks


Mango Gingerita
with Vodka and Rum       $7.50

Canto Loopy
with Vodka and Cantaloupe Juice       $7.50

Peach Snap!
with Schnapps       $7.50

Green Tea Plum Slush
with Plum Wine       $7.50

Tsing Tao Beer      $6.50

Tsing Tao Pure Draft Beer      $6.25

Plum Wine      $4.99

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