ImageWorks – the “What If” Labs (Epcot, Future World West)

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ImageWorks – the “What If” Labs

Future World – West




ImageWorks is located at the exit of Journey into Imagination with Figment and is a fun interactive area that features four different activities.  First you can join Figment and become a music conductor as you wave your arms to produce instrumental music in Figment’s Melody Maker.  There is also a fun area to run and jump around in and produce fun musical tunes.  The floor or “stepping stones” are your instruments.  You also can create your very own Figment using computer kiosks and a pallet of dragon parts and colors.  Finally, you can have a little fun by recording an image and watch it play back in slow motion.  A fun place to use your imagination!

ImageWorks – the “What If” Labs Photo Gallery

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