Flights of Wonder (Animal Kingdom, Asia)

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Flights of Wonder (FP+)





Flights of Wonder is a fun and educational exotic bird show located in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  This 30 minute show takes place in the canvas covered Caravan Stage which is themed to the ancient ruins of Maharajah’s rule.  Lead by an entertaining bird trainer, Flights of Wonder is filled with over 20 interesting and talented exotic birds including the African Grey Parrot, rose-breasted cockatoo, great horned owl, red-legged seriema and many more.  As with most Disney shows, there is a fun story that goes along with the show.  You will meet the comical explorer that is afraid of birds but never fear, the bird trainer is there to educate and show the explorer how amazing these animals are.  Flights of Wonder debut on April 22, 1998 and we highly suggest experiencing it.  FastPass+ is available for Flights of Wonder.


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