Ellen’s Energy Adventure (Epcot, Future World East)

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Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Future World – East



This attraction closed permanently on August 13, 2017


Ellen’s Energy Adventure is a 45 minute long attraction that debut on September 15, 1996 and is located in the Future World – East area of Epcot.  The attraction is a fun look at the various energy resources and how they are produced as well as the future of energy and is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye “The Science Guy”.  The attraction begins in a open area theatre where you are introduced to Ellen as she is having a dream that she is on a energy themed episode of Jeopardy! with her old college roommate, “Stupid Judy”.  Ellen quickly realizes she doesn’t know as much about energy as she should.  In steps Bill Nye to help her understand better.  After the pre-show is over you enter a large theatre and sit in one of the attraction vehicles and watch an animated Bill Nye bring Ellen back billions of years into the past to experience the Big Bang.  At the conclusion of this your ride vehicles move you past a diorama featuring a variety of audio-animatronic dinosaurs and a somewhat comical and scared Ellen who wants to get out of there.  The attraction concludes with a movie looking at current and future energy resources.

Opened September 15, 1996 – Closed August 13, 2017


Ellen's Energy Adventure Photo Gallery

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