The First Teaser Trailer For Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ Was Just released And It Looks Epic

frozen 2 full trailer

Disney just released it’s first teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to the the 2014 blockbuster and it looks pretty epic!  

Frozen 2 doesn’t hit theaters until the fall but Disney is already getting everyone hyped up with this 2 minute teaser trailer.  The trailer begins with Elsa standing in from of an angry ocean as she figures out a way to use her icy powers to navigate the water on foot.  Scenes of Anna, Kristoff and Sven on what seems to be an adventure in search of something.  Even Olaf appears just for a quick second with Elsa fighting back what looks to be an evil power of some sort.  All the while a familiar, yet different, background score builds up the anticipation.  

official frozen 2 trailer

elsa in frozen 2

when does frozen 2 come out

Walt Disney Studios’ Frozen 2 opens November 22, 2019.  Will you be there?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Disney Forums!

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