Oh Boy! Limited Edition Nestle Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars Hitting Freezer Aisle Soon

mickey bars in stores

Hold the phone!  For a limited time you can find Mickey Ice Cream Bars in stores.  Yes, the same shape that you crave while at visiting Walt Disney World.  Oh boy!

For a limited time you can find “Mickey. The True Original 90 Years of Magic” specially marked boxes of the famous Mickey Ice Cream Bars in select stores.  These special birthday treats are the same shape as the ones you find in the park and feature chocolate covered light ice cream but there are a couple of differences.  The first difference is that they are a little smaller.  The Disney Parks version of the ice cream bars are around 4 oz. while the limited edition version are slightly smaller at 3 oz.  The other difference is in the price.  If you wanted to purchase a Mickey Premium Ice Cream bar in the parks you are going to have to shell out around $6 but an entire box of these will only run you around $7.50.  The box contains 6 bars.

when do mickey ice cream bars in stores

Is the special edition birthday Mickey Ice Cream Bar the same as the ones found in the parks?  What we do know is that Nestle does produce both the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars for Disney Parks and the special edition that will be available in stores.  With that said, the word “premium” is only in the title of the park version.  I guess the only way to find out is to do a little taste test ourselves!  Darn, I really didn’t want to HAVE to eat ice cream…said no one ever.  

Expect the Nestle Limited Edition Mickey Ice Cream Bars to hit freezer aisles sometime in February of 2019.  Will you be picking up a box of these famous treats?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Disney Forums!

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