VIDEO: First Trailer For ‘The Lion King’ Remake Just Released!

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Walt Disney Studios just released the first trailer for the upcoming The Lion King movie remake.  This will give you chills if you are a fan of the 1994 animated classic.

The short minute and a half trailer for The Lion King opens with the classic “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” line narrated by Mufasa (James Earl Jones).  The clip quickly transitions into a very familiar scene all the while “The Circle of Life” plays.  Rafiki standing on the iconic Pride Rock picks up Baby Simba and holds him over his head.  So familiar, yet new.

The 2019 The Lion King features a very strong cast and production team.  The cast features Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, and James Earl Jones returning to play Mufasa along with The Jungle Book’s John Favreau as director.  Elton John returns to rework some of his original 1994 The Lion King compositions while Hans Zimmer returns to score the movie.

The Lion King hits theaters on July 19, 2019.  Are you excited for the remake?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Disney Forums!

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