Meet Ralph and Vanellope At Epcot Starting November 21

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Ralph is back and this time he is bringing his good friend Vanellope!  To coincide with the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet the two stars of the highly anticipated animated film are heading to Innovations West at Epcot for an amazing new meet and greet.

When the new Ralph and Vanellope meet and greet opens up in Epcot this November expect an amazing backdrop representing the new film.  Does this mean that one of the current stars of the Innovations West meet and greet area will be leaving?  Currently Baymax (Big Hero 6) and Joy and Sadness (Inside Out) meet guests inside the pavilion.  

Starting November 21, 2018 Ralph and Vanellope will meet guests at Innovations West which is the current location for the meet and greets of Baymax (Big Hero 6) and Joy and Sadness (Inside Out).  There is no word yet which (if not both) of these current meet and greets will change.  

Disney also announced that there will be a new Wreck it Ralph experience going in the ImageWorks area of the Imagination! pavilion.  ImageWorks is the interactive area located at the Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction exit.  This new experience will be coming something this winter with more details to come.

And a new experiment will soon be underway at the Imagination Institute, creating a portal into other dimensions. This winter, that portal opens a window on the internet for Ralph and Venellope to step through for regular encounters with Epcot guests in the ImageWorks area of the Imagination! pavilion.  Disney Parks Blog

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