Walt Disney World Resort To Introduce Date-Based Ticket Pricing

The Walt Disney World Resort announced today that it will be introducing date-based ticket pricing beginning October 16, 2018.  Single and multi-day tickets will now be priced according to the date of arrival.  No longer will tickets be the same price no matter what time of the year you visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

Beginning on October 16 an all-new interactive ticket calendar and vacation planning portal will be available on DisneyWorld.com.  Guests will be able to see the price of the ticket(s) based on the date of arrival as well as the dates the ticket(s) need to be used by.  The interactive calendar also gives the user the option to search for the lowest priced ticket dates.  This is a great option if you are flexible with your travel dates.  There is also an option to purchase flexible date tickets for a premium.

The video below gives a description of how the date-based Walt Disney World Resort tickets process works.

“So why are we making these changes? As our parks have increased in popularity, there are more and more guests who wish to experience our world-class attractions. Introducing date-based tickets and pricing will allow us to better distribute attendance throughout the year so that we can continue to improve and deliver a great experience.”  Disney Parks Blog

What do you think of these upcoming changes?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Forums!

Source/Photos:  Disney Parks Blog

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