10 Inch Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Target Exclusive Funko Pop! Coming Soon

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We have more Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary Funko Pop! news for you today!  Yesterday we showed you the upcoming five Funko Pop! Collection featuring Mickey Mouse through the years and today we have more exciting news.  

Funko announced today that they will be releasing a Super Sized 10 inch Target exclusive Mickey Mouse Funko Pop!  There is no official release date as of yet but Funko states sometime this fall.  We will keep you informed as soon as we have an official date.  

Shop for Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary 10 inch Target Exclusive Here!

mickey mouse 90th 10 inch target exclusive for sale

Take a look at the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Funko Pop! Collection by clicking on the link below.  Are you excited for the Target Exclusive Super Sized Mickey Mouse Funko Pop!  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Forums!

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