‘Green Army Patrol’ Are A Hit In Toy Story Land

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We knew all along that Toy Story Land was going to be very popular.  With so many people exploring the new land it is always great to see streetmosphere to keep you entertained while you navigate the land.  The Green Army Patrol is doing just that and they are a LOT of fun.

The Green Army Patrol can be seen throughout the day in Toy Story Land with a couple of different acts.  The Green Army Drum Corps is a trio of toy green army men that beat to their own drum.  Entertaining guests with an amazing sets of high-energy drum routines, the Green Army Drum Corps already have a huge following.

I love them!!! #toystoryland #greenarmydrumcorp

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The Green Army Patrol may also be looking for new Green Army cadets in Toy Story Land.  They are known to walk around with larger than life props including giant crayons, buckets and even Pixar balls!  They may stop to play a little game of “Sarge Says”, which is always fun.

If you see those walking, plastic toys marching around, make sure you follow them to their command spot and enjoy!

Have you had a chance to experience the Green Army Patrol in Toy Story Land?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Forums!

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