Disney Nutrition Guidelines ‘Mickey Check’ Has A New Name

what is mickey check

Source/Photos: Disney and WDW Kingdom

The Disney Nutrition Guidelines ‘Mickey Check’ debut at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort in early 2013 and has been around outside of the parks since 2006.  Mickey Check is now called Disney Check.

What is Disney Check?  Disney Check (formerly Mickey Check) is a dining choice that meets Disney’s Nutritional Guidelines that identify healthier food and beverage options.  These can be items that are found in Disney Theme Parks and Resorts as well as other places Disney food and beverages are sold.  Food and beverage items that receive the Disney Check must meet Disney Nutrition Guidelines that limit calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar.  

what does disney check mean on food

You can find the Disney Check logo on menus throughout the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts as well as products sold outside of the parks and resorts.  The logo features a yellow Mickey head with a green checkmark through it.  

what is disney check

Please visit DisneyCheck.com for more information.  Do you look for the Disney Check logo when shopping or dining at Disney establishments?  Talk about it in our all-new WDW Kingdom Forums.  

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