Mickey Mouse No Longer Talking To Guests At Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater

It looks like “now its time to say goodbye”, at least for now, to talking Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater.  As reported by a couple of WDW Kingdom followers yesterday was the last day to meet and greet with talking Mickey as his voice has been silenced.  

The interactive, talking Mickey Mouse meet and greet at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater has been vocal since 2015 but as of yesterday he will no longer talk to guests.  There has been no concrete reason for this change but possible technical issues, cost factors or simply they are upgrades to the technology all might play a role.  This is not an out of the blue decision as it has been rumored that this was going to happen for a couple of months now.  I would not be surprised if we see character updates coming very soon across Walt Disney World to make character interactions and overall appearances consistent.  Most likely this is not the last that you have seen Mickey Mouse chatting it up with guests!



Did you get a chance to meet talking Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater over the past couple of years?  Talk about this in our all-new WDW Kingdom Disney Forums!

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