Working For Disney Pixar Is Simply Fun And It Shows


Source:  Disney Pixar Facebook Page

Unless your place of employment lets you build mini golf courses for fun I would say Disney Pixar has you beat.  We got a rare look into some of the enrichment activities that allow the creative geniuses at Disney Pixar to go beyond their daily duties.  Disney Pixar’s Facebook page shared some photos from their first annual Pixar Mini Golf Tournament and it looked like a whole lot of fun. 



We all have heard of employers trying to tap into their employees creative minds but at Disney Pixar their employees were given the task of creating the holes for their tournament.  From candy corn cones and Bug Life’s own Heimlich to a Bing Bong Bing Pong Inside Out inspired hole this mini golf course was Pixar genius.  Even the golf balls had a special edition Luxo Lamp picture on them.  Where do I sign up for next year?







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