Walt Disney World’s Length of Stay Refillable Popcorn Bucket is a MUST if you Love Popcorn


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Before our last Walt Disney World vacation this past January I always wondered if there was some sort of refillable popcorn option in the parks that helped popcorn crazed families such as mine fulfill their endless need of the buttered goodness.  There is just something magically alluring about the smell of buttered popcorn, especially in the most magical place on earth.  That smell that hits you right in the face as you walk under the Walt Disney World Train Station and into Town Square is simply amazing.  We just can’t get enough of that goodness.  



To our excitement we found out that YES, Walt Disney World does have a great deal on popcorn refills.  At most popcorn kiosks in all four of the theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios) you can purchase a large 64 oz. bucket for $10.00 and you can get unlimited refills for $1.50 for the entire length of stay.  You can get these buckets refilled in any of the theme parks no matter which park you initially purchased them.  If you simply purchase a regular popcorn you are going to pay $4.25 for a smaller box. 



So how did we fare?  Over our seven day trip we filled up our bucket 13 times.  We spent a total of $28 on Walt Disney World popcorn over that time and we now have a great, themed popcorn bucket for home.  IF we purchased the same amount of popcorn we would have spent almost $80.  A significant savings for our family.  Now, we probably would not have purchased that much popcorn but its always fun to run the numbers.

If you love popcorn, the length of stay Walt Disney World popcorn bucket is a great deal and in order to maximize the value make sure you purchase it on your first day in the parks.  If you have multiple people sharing make sure you ask the cast member for extra cups.  This way you won’t have many hands going into the bucket at the same time and everyone will feel like they have their very own.  Popcorn lovers rejoice!

Here are our Pros and Cons of the Walt Disney World length of stay popcorn bucket

Pros  – value for your popcorn budget

          – themed souvenir bucket to bring home

          – many popcorn kiosks available to get refills

          – can be refilled in all four theme parks

Cons – bucket is large and can be difficult to carry around

Have you purchased the refillable popcorn bucket at Walt Disney World?  Talk about it in our forums!


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