Rate and Review Casey's Corner in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom


Have you experienced a meal at Casey’s Corner at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? If you have we want your opinion. We are looking to rate and review each and every restaurant, attraction, resort and everything in between at Walt Disney World. This is an unofficial look at your experiences. Please take a minute to rate the four categories and if you want to add a review please comment below. We appreciate your time and please click the “Dining Ratings and Reviews” tag at the end of this post for more.



Casey's Corner - Rate the Decor and Ambiance
Casey's Corner Quick Service - Rate the Service

Casey's Corner - Rate the Food
Casey's Corner - Rate the Overall Experience

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  1. The corn dog nuggets are definitely overrated, however, we love everything else on the menu. Their seasonal specials are always a guilty pleasure and we haven’t been disappointed yet. Favorite fries of MK for sure. Seating is often an obstacle and if you manage to get seats inside you’ll have vultures lurking over you for every second up until you make any resemblance of a movement suggesting you’re getting ready to leave. Our best advice; go for the foot long and grab extra napkins 😉

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