New “Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour” to debut at Magic Kingdom Park


Walt Disney World just released details on a brand new VIP tour at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  The new “Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour” is a four-hour tour that is led by Disney VIP Tour Guides (yes, the ones in plaid) and will allow guests to experience up to 10 of Magic Kingdom’s attractions.  Along with VIP access to attractions you will also have a chance to meet Mickey Mouse.  The tour will cost $199 per person (does not include park ticket) and is available Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  You can book by calling 407-560-4033 or for more information check out the official Walt Disney World website for more information.

The “Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour” sounds like you are simply purchasing a package of fast passes to select attractions with the addition of a VIP Tour guide to assist you through the park.  The official Walt Disney World website does not state the exact attractions that are available but the Disney Parks Blog posted that there will be no height requirement to ride those on the list.  This means that Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and any other attraction that requires a height requirement might not be included.  I guess this might be a great option for families with small children and don’t mind paying a premium for this experience.  

I for one do not mind the added “up charge” options that Disney has been adding lately as long as it doesn’t take away from what is currently “included”.  Remember, Disney is a business and can and will find revenue channels that are currently untapped.  This added revenue (hopefully) will lead to bigger and better things in the parks for all of us to enjoy.

What are your thoughts on this tour?  Is this something you or your family might try?  Please let us know in our forums, websites and social media. 

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